The north-Sahelian region, from 22 ° N latitude to the Mediterranean coast, is a remarkable biogeographical entity showing a very diverse mosaic of ecosystems.Its biodiversity is not only important but also unique, we are only beginning to take into account the insect fauna of this biological patrimony (Tarrier & Delacre, 2008).
According acceptances 240-245 species of Orthoptera Acridomorpha are recorded and mapped for Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Western Sahara ; on the understanding that the limits shown on the cartographical distribution maps in no way prejudge the status of the territories concerned.
The only one family Pamphagidae accounts for 82 species of which 90 % are endemic of the region. Out of 15 species of the genus Euryparyphes thirteen occur only in the Atlas and the Rif mountains. Many species are recorded from a very few localities, or even the type locality only.
Systematics and distribution of these species are therefore far from being satisfactorily known in North West Africa (Defaut, 1987a ; Song, 2010).
The classification of Acridoidea (Acridomorpha group) has been substantially revised since Dirsh (1961 and 1965) and Jago (1971). Families and subfamilies generally used to day are those of Orthoptera Species File Online (Rowell & Flook, 1998 ; Eades et al. 2011) The structure of male genitalia and phylogenetic analysis led Song & Marino-Perez (2013) and Song et al. (2015) to separate the Acridomorpha group into six monophyletic superfamilies, two of them being present in Northwest Africa : Pyrgomorphoidea (Pyrgormorphidae) and Acridoidea with four Families (Pamphagidae, Acrididae, Dericorythidae and Pamphagodidae).

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