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This English-language version of the legal notice below is a free translation of the original French text. It is not the governing version. In the event of a conflict of interpretation, reference must be made to the French version, which governs as mentioned.

Designation : “North-West Africa Grasshoppers and Locusts” website.
Address : MNHN, UMR 7205 CNRS 45 rue Buffon (Entomologie), CP50, 75005 Paris.
Conception and realization : A. Louveaux, C. Amédégnato, L. Desutter-Grandcolas, S. Poulain are co-authors of this website hosted by the Muséeum national d'Histoire naturelle hereafter called “MNHN”. The purpose of this institutionale website is to provide identification on Orthopters using both software Xper2 and a photographic knowledge base compiled from specimens identified, photographed and deposited in the collections of the MNHN.

Editor : MNHN Paris – Public Institution of science whose aim is cultural and professional (EPSCP).
Hosting : MNHN - 57 rue Cuvier - 75005 Paris-FRANCE Division des systèmes d'information, Gestion des collections. Pavillon Chevreul, 57 rue Cuvier - 75005 Paris-FRANCE
Photographic credits : unless otherwise stated, the photographs hosted on this website are the property of the MNHN. This site is owned by the MNHN. The aim of the website, whose URL is http://acrinwafrica.mnhn.fr. is to make identification of insects Orthoptera freely available to the publics.

Terms of Use / Site Access:

The user acknowledges having read these terms and conditions and agrees to abide them. He acknowledges having verified that the computer he uses does not contain any virus or any other "malicious software" and is in perfect working condition. The user is solely responsible for the selection, use and interpretation of data he consults. The website owner makes every effort to provide users with information and / or tools available and verified but may not be held responsible for errors, or emissions in the information disseminated or technical problems encountered on the Site, or any interpretation of the information published on these sites, or the consequences of their use, lack of availability of information and / or viruses or "malicious software" on its website. The user is informed that during his visits on the website, a cookie may be installed on its browser.

Intellectual Property:
The site and its contents (software, databases, text, images,...), are covered by the provisions of the Code of intellectual property. The texts published on this website and the images of the database (images, curves) can be reproduced and distributed by any means whatsoever for a private use or educational / instructional purpose is abiding the three following conditions:
- Free distribution.
- Respect the integrity of the documents reproduced: no modifications or alterations of any kind.
- Clear, legible with explicit quotation of the source, authors, MNHN and the URL of the website as follows: http://acrinwafrica.mnhn.fr. and mention that the rights of reproduction are reserved and limited: in the following terms : "This document comes from the website of the Museum of scientists" http://www.mnhn.fr/museum/foffice/science/science/sommaire.xsp.
Reproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited ". The address of the website of the MNHN in Paris must appear in the reference. Out of permitted uses, any reproduction, use, disposal or modification, by any means whatsoever, of all or part of the site without the prior permission of the publisher of the website is strictly prohibited. Any reproduction for commercial, public or editorial purpose is strictly prohibited. Violation of any of these rights of use is a copyright infringement liable to prosecution and punishable under Articles L.335-2 et seq of the code of intellectual property and urges as such, the civil and criminal liability of its author.

Notification procedure :
Despite the care taken in creating this website, the MNHN does not guarantee that the content is free of defect, error or omission. For any comments on how the site works and / or any omissions, errors or corrections, please contact the authors usingt the following address: A. Louveaux: "alouveaux!AT!gmail.fr " and L. Desutter-Grandcolas: " desutter!AT!mhn.fr".

Changing the legal notice :
The MNHN, owner and operator of the site, reserves the right to modify or rectify this notice at any time. The user therefore undertakes to consult it regularly.

Governing Law :
In case of dispute, the French law applies. The exclusive jurisdiction is given to the competent courts of Paris (France).

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