Wanted :

Help us to check the distribution of the following grasshoper (Acrididae, Gomphocerinae) : 
Brachycrotaphus tryxalicerus (Fischer, 1853)

The distribution of this species in the Mediterranean region is fragmentary, and poorly documented. B. tryxalicerus  has been found only in scattered areas of Iberian and Italian Peninsulas, Sicily and Egypt. It could be considered as the remnant of an ancient distribution range all over the southern Mediterranean region. Its absence from North Africa may reflect however its difficult detection and the lack of investigations in its natural habitats. B. tryxalicerus lives in 'garrigues' on limestone rocky hills, with high winter rainfall and hot dry summer. It may be confused with one species of Ochrilidia, from which it differs by the shape of foveolae and the presence of a prosternal tubercle, absent in Ochrilidia.

Any information, photograph and/or collected specimens would be greatly appreciated.  Viglioglia V. , Carpaneto G. M. & B. Massa, 2020



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