The project was initiated at the Laboratoire d’Entomologie, Orsay (Université Paris XI), but has taken form when Dr. C. Amédégnato facilitated the access to the collections of the MNHN and created a bank of image specifically for north african locusts. This work was finally largely carried out at the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle de Paris (MNHN), which accorded all facilities to develop the project of a base of knowledge, but could not have been carried out without Christiane Amédégnato, who died prematurely and so could not see the final outcome.
We thank Régine Vignes Lebbe and Florian Causse (LIS laboratory, Paris VI) for technical assistance with Xper2 software,  Alex Delianis (DSI, MNHN) and Isabelle Baly (UMS 3468) for technical assistance using MNHN website.
We wish to thank Dr. B. Massa and Dr. J. Mestre who reviewed the website. Their advices and encouragements were greatly appreciated.
Alain Louveaux thank Thami Benhalima Régional officer FAO, Saïd Ghaout Director of the C. N. L. A. of Agadir, the Professor Mazih,
Mouhim Ahmed, Jamal Chirane and Saïd Lagnaoui through which I could make a practical training of acridology and collect in the field the
first elements of this knowledge base.
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