Version 2.1 03-mars-2020
Acinipe tibialis and Acinipe strigata cards revised by B. Massa. Some links corrected.

Version 2.1 mai 2019
Calephorus compressicornis and Duroniella lucasii moved from Oedipodinae to Acridinae.

Version 2.0  11-december-2018
Species distribution : new open source maps.
Date of last updating appear at the top of each page.
Correction of the aedeagus descriptors in Xper3 Pamphagus species key: aedeagus pictures of Pamphagus auresianus and P. djelfensis were inverted.

Version 1.3.7 23-July-2018
Bibliographic references updated

Version 1.3.7  2-avril-2018
The Pamphagidae key is improved
Calliptamines and Pyrgomorphides are updated
More distribution maps and more localities in the geographic index.

Version 1.3.6  November-8-2016
interactive display in Google Maps fixed.

Version 1.3.6  September-8-2016
Fixed links on the home page and pictures.
updating references

Version 1.3.5 July-29-2016
Geographical index
Referencing updated

Version 1.3.4 Juan-15-2016
Interactives maps of Euryparyphes species
Correction of links in the database

Version 1.3.0   III/27/2015
Xper2 identification software updated to Xper3
Version 1.2.3  I/05/2015
More interactives maps in the Pamphagidae family.
Corrections to Xper links in the database.

Version 1.2.2   VII/08/2014
New interactive maps for Acinipe, Paracinipe, Pamphagus .
Some corrections to Xper links in the database.

Version 1.2.1  III /20/2014
Two species added : Dociostaurus biskrensis et Aiolopus simulatrix simulatrix.
Zooming on pictures of the MNHN collections is no longer possible.

Version 1.2.1  XI /1/ 2013
Updating genera : Tmethis, Paracinipe, Euryparyphes, Eunapiodes, Amigus, Tuarega