Version 2.1 mai 2019
Calephorus compressicornis and Duroniella lucasii moved from Oedipodinae to Acridinae.

Version 2.0  11-december-2018
Species distribution : new open source maps.
Date of last updating appear at the top of each page.
Correction of the aedeagus descriptors in Xper3 Pamphagus species key: aedeagus pictures of Pamphagus auresianus and P. djelfensis were inverted.

Version 1.3.7 23-July-2018
Bibliographic references updated

Version 1.3.7  2-avril-2018
The Pamphagidae key is improved
Calliptamines and Pyrgomorphides are updated
More distribution maps and more localities in the geographic index.

Version 1.3.6  November-8-2016
interactive display in Google Maps fixed.

Version 1.3.6  September-8-2016
Fixed links on the home page and pictures.
updating references

Version 1.3.5 July-29-2016
Geographical index
Referencing updated

Version 1.3.4 Juan-15-2016
Interactives maps of Euryparyphes species
Correction of links in the database

Version 1.3.0   III/27/2015
Xper2 identification software updated to Xper3
Version 1.2.3  I/05/2015
More interactives maps in the Pamphagidae family.
Corrections to Xper links in the database.

Version 1.2.2   VII/08/2014
New interactive maps for Acinipe, Paracinipe, Pamphagus .
Some corrections to Xper links in the database.

Version 1.2.1  III /20/2014
Two species added : Dociostaurus biskrensis et Aiolopus simulatrix simulatrix.
Zooming on pictures of the MNHN collections is no longer possible.

Version 1.2.1  XI /1/ 2013
Updating genera : Tmethis, Paracinipe, Euryparyphes, Eunapiodes, Amigus, Tuarega